Friday, January 11, 2013

Blast from the Past - Page Pebbles

Each month when playing with my Counterfeit Kit I like to include at least one blast from the past - you know those really old embellishments that you have held onto forever.

Well this month's Blast from the Past are Page Pebbles from Making Memories. I stumbled across these at the bottom of an embellishment drawer when I was searching for a little something to finish a page.

My package still had the original price tag ($8.30 - yikes) from when I bought them in approx 2003.

This month's inspiration kit included several flair badges which I don't have and I really had no idea how to make my own without purchasing a badge maker. Enter the Page Pebbles - I decided the round shape and glossy finish would be a fair substitution for the badges from the original kit. So with my trusty circle punch and patterned paper scraps I set out to make some embellishments.

I punched three ornaments and added the page pebbles to accent this page. Super quick and easy.

And a few close-ups:

So there we have it, at last those Page Pebbles have found a home on a scrap page.

 Happy Scrapping



  1. I know I have some of those in the bottom of my bling have totally motivated me to dig them out and use some of them. I did have 3 flare badges in my kit, only because they were freebies from JCP, and I used them rather quickly. I am waiting on photos to arrive from this Christmas so I can finish off my kit and was wanting to throw in some more flares, but I think I will dig out my page pebbles and give those a try instead!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Love the embellishment clusters on your page! And you've made me laugh about the page pebbles. Too funny! How awesome that you were able to use them!

  3. I love the design of this layout! the photos are too cute and you're very creative with your embellishments.

  4. Lisa I think I have some too. You've solved a problem there too for me!!!!!!

  5. your kit seems to be so gorgeously bright! I love this page and all those colours are just so happy. I really like your flairs. They add a super dimension to your layout and make a perfect substitution. Well done for you using up those old old old items!

  6. Doesn't feel great to use something up that you've had for what seems like forever? For me its the red glitter frames in my kit this month! You have done a fantastic job here, love how you worked it in and it doesn't look dated at all!

  7. Perfect substitution for flair! It feels so great to use up old product in a new and fresh way! Nice job!

  8. Your "Blast from the Past" idea is genius! Thanks for helping us figure out fresh ways to use our old things! You've got some major creativity and vision, girl!

  9. Just love your work, Lisa! In the journaling, I read your mention of the Lions Club....have to tell you that our little boy is the recipient of "Argo", an Autism Assistance Dog Guide (AADG) from the Lions Fndtn of Canada, and it has made a HUGE difference to the little fella (10)!
    Argo even attends school daily with Noah! Anyway, loved the brights in your kit and the "Page Pebble idea" is great. Ty for visiting my Blog and peeking at my CKCB Jan Kit!! :) ~ Ali

  10. Great idea - way to use something from the past and make it new!



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